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Film Unit Reunion Update

January 20th, 2009 (11:20 am)

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Okay, everyone who's interested in going to the FU reunion, they have sent me an email:

Hi Dave,

Unfortunately Film Unit has little information about former alumni and we've had to rely on the University Alumni department to send out information. It seems a though our letter has not reached you! We will be having an event on Saturday 21st February however. I'm attaching the letter we have sent out electronically and I would be grateful if you could return the information at the bottom of the letter. At the moment we are organising the renunion for that Saturday and we will get back to you with firm details later this month.

With thanks,
Daniel Wood
Film Unit Chair

...attached to which was a letter...

Dear Alumni member,

Sheffield University Film Unit cordially invites you to the 2009 reunion and 60th anniversary celebrations taking place on Saturday 21st February 2009.

Today Film Unit is a student run, professional quality independent cinema regularly showing four films a week in a 380- seat capacity auditorium with Dolby Digital surround sound. We are immensely proud of Film Unit and would like to celebrate 60 years of hard work with you!

If you have any information regarding other past Film Unit members we would be most grateful if you could make them aware of this event and pass on our contact details. Additionally, to ensure the success of this event we are asking you to consider loaning us any Film Unit memorabilia that you may have; memories, photographs, programmes pre-1980, posters, archive films, would all prove invaluable.

To receive more information about the 2009 Film Unit reunion and 60th anniversary celebration please complete and return the slip below or alternatively contact us directly.

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

Film Unit Committee 2008/2009

...at the bottom of which was a form, to be printed and returned.

I am/ I am not interested in receiving more information about the 2009 Film Unit reunion and 60th anniversary celebrations.

I would/ I would not like to contribute any Film Unit memorabilia that I may have.

My contact details are:

Home Address:
Year/s of Tenure:*

Preferred Mode of Contact: Post / Email / Telephone

Any other information you would like to provide about your time at Film Unit?

I replied to ask whether I could pass this on, and his answer was :

It would be great if you could pass the letter to as many former Film Unit Alumni as possible! Thanks,

I'm not sure whether emailing the requested information is acceptable (although FU will almost certainly send you this letter). If you are shy about emailing them, leave your email address in a comment here (and delete it if you're worried about having your contact details out there - I'll get it in the notification), and I can forward you the mail.


Posted by: rich_jacko (rich_jacko)
Posted at: January 20th, 2009 06:29 pm (UTC)
TFs 2007

Thanks. I'll drop them an e-mail too :o)

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